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Senior year isn’t just another year; Its the pinnacle of your high school career; the pinnacle of years spent learning who you are, what you like, and where you want to go. You’ve earned everything you are headed towards. And that should be exciting.
Senior photos shouldn’t just be something you do just to do. They shouldn’t be some photos you just go take, print, and hang on your wall just because you needed to document what you looked like at this time.
Your senior photos should be an experience. From beginning to end, planning to decorating, you should enjoy the process of taking your senior photos. It shouldn’t be documenting what you look like now, they should be documenting who you are on a deeper level, so as to showcase who you will become. Our goal is to capture some photos that you can look back on and see timeless beauty, and a glimpse of who you were to become.
Your senior photos shouldn’t be just photos, they should capture purpose now and forever.
We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to capture that for you.


how we roll

We like for shoots to be as low-key as possible while still giving you so much more than just a gallery of photos. We want you to have an experience! When you book your senior session with us, Its expected that you should get beautiful photos. Whats more than that, however is a shoot where you're sure to laugh, an opportunity to be featured on different senior portrait blogs and even in magazines, and of course gorgeous, top of the line products ranging from prints and books to graduation announcements.
You're signing on for whats sure to be a full fledged experience.



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