The Stirewalts

Delyn's Bio

Hi, im delyn

(Its pronounced Duh-Lin)


That quote, directly from my favorite TV show, Friday Night Lights, is something I aim to live by. 

I promised Meg I'd keep this pretty light hearted so I had to get that out in the beginning.


A few things you should know about me:

  1. I don't take many things too seriously. I am a firm believer that what makes life fun is you making life fun. I make a lot of dad jokes and that's why Megan loves me... that and my sick dad bod.
  2. My favorite movie is The Secret life of Walter Mitty. This is important because it is what inspired my desire for adventure. I am the kind of guy who loves driving and am willing to drive just about anywhere for a killer shoot. Beach? Let's go. Mountains? Duh! Downtown? I'm there.
  3. I was born in Denver, raised in Arkansas, by way of Kansas City and Oklahoma. I've been to more places than I can count and yet I've barely traveled outside the US. I love adventure.
  4. I'm a huge geek. Tech is my weakness. I know I don't need it... but I WANT IT!
  5. Music has literally saved my life. I listen very intently to lyrics as well as each little instrument in a song. If you get in my car, there is no telling what will be on. Also, if you get in my car and music comes on, don't get offended if I tune out for a while with the music up.

the 'gram

Ill be the first to admit, I WAY over think my Instagram
(insert Megan's loving eye-roll here)


banner photo taken by Miles Witt Boyer