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Portsgiving Day 2 - Cannon Beach


Day 2 was perfect. We started the day off with some coffee (because every day should start with coffee), I looked at some photo books that Ashley had on her table, and then we left for a short drive out to Cannon beach; you know, the beach that is famous for Haystack rock, the rock from the Goonies? No? Neither did Megan, or Ashley...
We started with some photos on the beach which provided some sweet reflections and a magnificent view of Haystack rock. Megan and I were even lucky enough to have a friend brave enough to use my camera for some photos of us, and she NAILED them.
After we wrapped up, it was lunch time, and then our first hiking experience in Oregon.
the hike wasnt terribly long, we had it completely wrapped up within a couple of hours and were walking on Indian Beach, enjoying the peaceful sound of the waves with the locals.
Every time I visit a new place or a place I've wanted to visit, I intentionally take a moment at some point to take a breath and take everything in. The sounds, the smells, the feels.. all of it. Because we were in a rush earlier to get some photos in our suit and dress before we froze to death, I didnt take this opportunity. Lucky for me, I had a couple of incredible girls who were willing to head back to Cannon Beach for sunset. I like to think they enjoyed that decision as much as I did.