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Charleston Charm

We actually tried to leave our cameras behind a bit on this trip, but managed to grab a few shots that we wanted to share! 

We'd both been to Charleston once before, but separately, so we couldn't wait to visit together. Delyn visited in 2015 when shooting for a fashion line, and I visited in 2013 with the Dovetail Companies employee appreciation trip-- very different experiences but both gave us a desire to come back and see more. Bottom line: Del got to see the prettiest places last time and I got to explore the downtown/historic districts and eat lots of food. Needless to say, we both kind of wanted to see the other half of the experience. So Delyn took me back to the places he shot (Magnolia Plantation and Gardens) and I made sure to balance out plenty of walking, sightseeing, and restaurants.

An added bonus was that we got to stay an extra night because my brother lives in Charleston (can't wait to visit again), so we arrived a whole day before our AirBNB reservation to spend some time having him show us around! After two days of LOTS of walking, exploring, and eating we decided to RELAX on Saturday by spending a day at Folly Beach with more family that was in for the day. All in all, we might not have a crazy lineup of photos to share, but our trip was a perfect first getaway to explore the area!

Delyn Stirewalt