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Clay + Kelly's First Anniversary

When it came to Clay + Kelly's First Anniversary Shoot, we were blown away by the images we all worked together to produce. The coolest thing about the shoot was that the four of us sat down together and dreamed it up. That's right. Four friends, sitting down together over coffee dreaming up how we could capture their vision best. Of course they approached us with some amazing ideas about the style and overall intention of the shoot, but they allowed plenty of creative freedom for us to make suggestions and make spontaneous adjustments the day of.  The result was a range of beautiful photographs, spanning from moody and dramatic wide angle shots to whimsical and sweet crops in a field of flowers. What we love most is that we feel like these shots really capture the couple-- they are adventurous, they are romantics at heart, they are creative, and they have a strong, yet quiet connection that speaks volumes of their covenant. We absolutely adore them as individuals, and love what they represent as a couple. Happy (Belated) First Anniversary, Clay and Kelly... we know we will get to celebrate many years to come alongside you!

Delyn Stirewalt