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Community Over Competition

Senior Spotlight: Julia


Bringing others down won’t make you rise any higher.

Something that we really stand behind is this little movement of “Community Over Competition”. It’s the concept that where ever you are in life... in the business world, in the creative world, pursuing your education, or wherever you might be: That the success of others does not take away from your own success or worth. Davey Jones said it amazingly : “Community over competition is competition rightly ordered–it’s putting relationships before opportunity.” In our words: It’s about building up others, edifying them and championing them, and being secure enough to recognize that their success or failure does not validate or determine your own. 

What we’ve learned about starting our own business is that ultimately we choose what we stand behind. From the beginning we determined that we would never shy away from our faith-- we’ve both been very bold in our beliefs, and feel strongly that it helps you to know who we are. We don’t talk about our beliefs because it’s trendy or good for business, because quite frankly it’s not. But it’s who we are. And it’s who we’re called to be.

This beautiful young lady inspired us; she really exemplifies the idea of community over competition. And she just graduated high school. You heard me right. From what I can remember (it’s been a while), it’s easy to be insecure and catty in high school. It’s about fitting in, and being cool, and going along with what’s popular. But we’ve seen some amazing glimpses into how a pure heart and loving spirit have built up the people around her. 

There’s no denying that this young lady is stunningly beautiful. She’s smart and well spoken and brings a smile to your face when you’re around her. She’s a dedicated and graceful dancer. But what shines the brightest? Honestly, her humble heart and her pure spirit. There’s a lot to be said for a humble heart. Spreading kindness and encouragement and joy are just a few of her many gifts. She lifts others up without expecting anything in return. And we want our readers and our viewers to see what we stand behind. We want to stand behind and build up and encourage the values that make this world a better place. So thank you, Julia, for inspiring us in so many ways... but mostly for reminding us that we are so much better off when we support others, and remember that light can only be amplified and not destroyed.

Delyn Stirewalt