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Emma - Senior Session

If you don’t already know Emma, you are in for a treat! You know how you hear people talking about “World Changers”? That’s her. Emma would tell you that there are four words that start with “S” that she loves: Scrunchies, Socks, Smiling, and Scripture. I should probably capitalize SCRIPTURE because she loves it in the sense that she reads it, speaks it, and lives it in a powerful way. Expect big things from Emma Mae Jenkins in the future, because God is at WORK through this obedient Child of His.

Our first photo shared of Emma was captioned “Here comes the dreamer!”. The backstory is that she shared with us how her room is full of scripture, and generally each scripture ties to what’s around it. She received a dream catcher as a gift, and spoke of the verses that came to mind. As she told the story of Joseph, my mind raced ahead, knowing the verse she was about say... but I have to admit, I was a little puzzled. The biggest Emma smile came over her face as she announced that his brothers greeted him “Here comes the dreamer!”.

In my mind I was quickly filtering through, wanting to track with her, but all I could think was that they were mocking him! They plotted to kill him. Emma’s face lit up. “How awesome would it be for people to call you “The Dreamer”?”. My expression softened. She saw it from a perspective that I hadn’t. I was focused on the intentions of the brothers, and Emma was focused on the intentions of Joseph. Flash forward about a dozen chapters... “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” (Genesis 50:20). I think that represents Emma really well. You see, she has a pretty big social platform for such a young girl. She doesn’t use it for her own glory, but the glory of God. There’s definitely criticism that comes with any platform... especially when the worlds of high school and social media collide.

One time we watched a live video of Emma speaking, and I had to turn off the comments because I couldn’t stand to see what some of the kids were saying. And then I see Emma’s responses to the negativity and criticism and mocking... and it aligns perfectly with her perspective on Joseph. She sees that these words sometimes are intended to harm her, but God intends to use them for good. And we’re SO proud of her for that! (Among MANY other things). But if anything... we hope that passing along this story can encourage others the way that we’ve been encouraged: to see things from a different perspective, and to be bold in our expression of it!