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Katelyn's Bridals

There are a lot of things I can say about this shoot, but lets suffice to start with this: This post was a long time coming!
We were blessed and genuinely humbled to be asked to shoot her and Dillon's engagement photos and then her Bridals. While we were extremely sad that we couldn't be there for the wedding, we happily jumped at the opportunity to shoot these and wanted to give her something very special. I asked her leading up to the shoot if there was anything specific she wanted and she told me she literally wanted us to just do what we do... so, we did. I told her to expect EPIC, yet stunning photos showcasing her and her beautiful gown. We picked one of our all time favorite locations and set out to shoot it differently than we ever had.
I think the photos speak for themselves and I honestly feel like, with Megan's eye, Katelyn's willingness and trust in us and her sweet mom, Jamie, along to help however we needed, we were able to get some photos that I can honestly say we are proud of and think Katelyn will be too.

Delyn Stirewalt