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Hunter + Lyndi Engaged

Let us start by saying, Hunter and Lyndi are two of the most genuine and sweet people you will ever meet. A songwriter in Nashville (yeah, he’s pretty dang cool) and a corporate baller at Bush’s baked beans (she doesn’t know the recipe, Delyn asked), you’d think they stepped straight out of a romance novel. Their story goes back way further than you can imagine and we can’t wait to tell the whole story as time brings us to their wedding blog.
But todays story is about this shoot. It was a fairly cloudy day and if you know us, you know we weren’t complaining about that! We set out to shoot some simple locations in Fayetteville in order to put the focus on them and their smitten-ness (is that a word?).
These two live about 8 hours apart and when Hunter drove in, they literally came straight to shoot! You can imagine the opportunity for an engaged couple to snuggle is romantic enough, let alone the reunited feelings that came along with it. It was legitimately magical to see them together.
Over the course of the 2 hour shoot, the whole story unfolded in front of my lenses without me having to even do much. I set them up and gave them the tiniest bit of direction and they eventually forgot I was there as they laughed and played together.
We started at the place where they got engaged, the Greek theatre on the U of A campus and proceeded to some places that would add to the story until we were finished. They flirted, they danced, he even taught her how to play a G-chord on his guitar (after serenading her of course) and before we knew it, we were wrapping up.©2017.TheStirewalts-1.jpg©2017.TheStirewalts-7.jpg©2017.TheStirewalts-16.jpg©2017.TheStirewalts-17.jpg
Delyn Stirewalt