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Katelyn + Dillon Engaged

The moment I set foot out to start this session it hit me; I’ve known Katelyn since she was barely in High School. I remember watching her family surprise her with her first car, I shot her senior photos, and now I’m shooting her ENGAGEMENT session. Thats a feeling that will stay with me for a while.
It has a sense of ‘big brother-ness’ to it… which brings me to this thought: I hope Dillon is cool…
Needless to say, it wasn’t my place to have that thought, but I can honestly say, after spending a couple of hours with them together, he is pretty awesome! He loves Katelyn in a soft, admiring way. He recognizes her worth and from stories he told me that day, has already started speaking life into her. Thats a good man folks. The kind of man Katelyn deserves. Katelyn is the sweetly confident type. You know, the kind of girl that knows how to relate to people in any situation and build them up, all while chasing after her goals and aspirations. She has a heart of gold, which she gets from her parents.
The shoot was a fantastic experience. We kept things pretty simple on this shoot. After the wedding, the Cates plan to move to Kansas City for college as newlyweds so I just wanted to capture where they are in life - happily engaged and ready to embark on a life journey together. I wanted to catch the calm before the storm. So we went and played in some willows and then went to a creek. It doesn’t get much more chill than that!

Delyn Stirewalt