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Tricia + Dallas - Wedding day

This wedding means much more to us than just another wedding on our blog. We love when we get to tell these stories through images, no matter who’s story it is, but Its always a special honor when a friend calls on you to shoot their wedding, or any milestone in their life for that matter. When its a friend who happens to be one of the great leaders you’ve had in your life, that takes it to another level. Delyn met Tricia in 2011 when he started working for her at Starbucks. It wasnt long before there was a friendship in addition to the work relationship. After finding her Prince Charming (Dallas) and getting engaged, she called and asked Delyn if he would shoot her wedding. At that time, he was working with Miles, but we were incredibly blessed to carry this wedding over to our company, and will carry this friendship long into the future.
  The wedding day was a dream-- beautiful weather, their perfect venue, low stress, supportive friends and family, and one heck of a party to celebrate the marriage of this truly deserving couple. When we arrived at Creekwood Gardens, we could feel the excitement and were happy to find a bridal suite full of the most calm, supportive bridesmaids you could ask for! Tricia and her friends were finishing up hair and makeup with low stress levels, plenty of room in the schedule, and an exciting energy... they were ready to go! We were able to take some awesome bridesmaids photos of Tricia and her girls having fun and of course some epic groomsmen shots of Dallas and his guys. While the real anticipation was leading up to the ceremony, first there was a special moment planned for the bride and groom.
  Tricia and Dallas decided against a First Look, as Dallas wanted to save that precious moment of seeing his bride for the first time as she walked down the aisle toward him. He did, however, agree to a No-Look-First-Look. The photos speak volumes about those moments: simple, authentic, and reassuring.
  In order to keep the groom from seeing his bride, there had to be a certain amount of direction and staging, but I was amazed to see how intimate and seamless it turned out to be. With limited sight and sound, they were amazingly in tune with one another and seemed to effortlessly ease into poses that flowed from one to the next. As we stepped away from the scene, Dallas told Delyn that he “needed that” and we both could literally feel the calming presence. Walking away, I mentioned to Tricia that “it’s crazy how much comfort we find in just being around our person”... we can go from having nerves and butterflies over the production and orchestration of a wedding, to knowing just by being near them that it is all worth it, and all is well. They just make everything better.
  When we got in the car, Tricia told us with a smile that even though they didn’t really talk, her soon to be husband told her he loved her by tapping her on the hand three times. She explained to us that they always communicate through those little taps when they can’t talk; that they actually have a whole dialogue. Four squeezes: “I love you more.” Two back: “No way.” And so on. Queue the waterworks! Actual tears that I tried to wipe away before anyone saw, but my husband called me out. But let’s be real for a moment... Do you know those moments when you hear someone’s love story, and you are so overcome with emotion simply because you can feel the authenticity? That was it for me. 
  The ceremony was the sweetest. Both the bride and the groom’s daughters (the flower girls) were elated for their part in this day and took their roles very seriously. One of the most touching moments (aside from the vows!), was when the entire family poured sand into a photo frame, as a demonstration of their unity and blending. And by the end of the ceremony, the couple was pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Newman, and this family was ready to celebrate! There was a taco bar (MAJOR win), cakes were cut, toasts were given, and the dance floor stayed full the entire night up until the spakler exit. It was obvious to us that all the guests were equally excited for, and in favor of this union-- we loved hearing friends and family share stories about the couple and rave about how lucky they were to have found one another.
  As your friends, we have to add that we agree with the general consensus-- we are so honored and blessed you allowed us to come alongside you and capture this day. We love that we are able to say that we were more than just photographers, we were friends along for the ride. We hope these first few photos are enough to keep you feeling the newlywed butterflies until the full gallery comes your way. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Newman!

Delyn Stirewalt