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Sweetly Styled- A Sugar Filled Session

Sometimes you just need to let loose and have a little fun. Be spontaneous. Eat way too much sugar. This shoot was all of those things for us. One thing you should know about me (Megan) is that I like what I like. And I like sweets a whole lot. Ice cream, candy, you name it...I like it. Growing up, my mom called me the Candy Queen. Another thing about me- I have this crazy confidence that I can do just about anything. So when I saw milkshake inspiration from SXSW (shout out to the The Peached Tortilla) and realized you can't get anything like this around here (YET) I was determined to make them. What had great potential to be a Pinterest Fail of sorts turned out to be the cutest and most creative shoot I've done in a while.

We teamed up with the queen of Styled Shoots, Ashton Rail of Ashton Rail Photography, who also happens to be a stellar model. Ashton is one of those photographers who has a similar perspective with integrating props-- she's not afraid to style and theme ideas knowing that when done properly, they will be amazing. We're looking forward to more concepts with Ashton, but for now, see how much fun we had! A big shoutout to Lacie and Bayleigh for modeling our second set: Unicorn Hot Chocolate. YUMM!


Ashton Rail Photography as pictured below, thanks for letting Delyn and I jump in front of the camera with our shakes!

Delyn Stirewalt