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Roxy+Chase - Engaged

One day while I was working away on something only semi-important, I got a text from a really good friend asking if I would be up for an engagement shoot for someone who was desperate for a good photographer in the area. Obviously I was flattered to be considered and jumped at the opportunity. The moment I got the email from Roxy I knew we were going to have a blast with these two. I could hear her Mississippi accent through her email somehow, and I couldn't help but be excited to meet them.
We met with them in a beautiful field at the perfect time of day for gorgeous light and from the first set of shots Megan and I were thrilled. The shoot only continued to get better and better! We had fun laughing, joking and getting to know these two along the way and were both pretty sad when it was time to say goodbye knowing it was one of those rare occations when we wouldnt get to see them on their wedding day. We truly hope Roxy and Chase love the final outcome and hope to see them again soon one way or another!
Thanks again Roxy and Chase for entrusting this shoot to us!!

Delyn Stirewalt