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Brittney's Maternity Session

In the time since these photos were taken, our new friends Brittney and Joe have welcome their sweet baby girl—so we want to extend our congratulations to their precious family of three! We couldn’t be more pleased with this maternity shoot, and I think it’s a beautiful representation of the couple’s vision joined with our style of shooting.

One thing that touched our hearts was that while we were shooting and chatting, Brittney told us that she chose us because she appreciated the artistic element of our work. Let me tell you guys… when we hear compliments like that it does a lot for our hearts. We do what we do because we love it, and because we care. And we hope that the people we work with care too! We want you to care about the photos, and about capturing this time in your life, and about the fact that it’s how your choosing to spend your time and money. It means a lot to us. So thank you, Brittney, for being so gracious to voice your thoughts and for encouraging us. You can tell that there was so much inspiration drawn from this encouragement because the photos even exceeded our expectations!

You might not be able to tell this, but this location is not some random forest but is actually someone’s YARD. Some of some of our friends who were kind enough to let us enjoy the beauty of their land for a night. I (Megan) work with the two sisters, Martha and Charlotte, who are simply wonderful and the most gracious hosts. Their parents welcomed us, and their mom reinforced the idea that they were blessed to have this land, and loved to be able to share it with others whenever they could. All in all, we felt like this night was such a success—great friends, a beautiful location, and some incredible photos to document this precious baby girl and her wonderful parents!

Delyn Stirewalt