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Portsgiving Grand Finale - Wahclella Falls


We love to talk about the blessings and promises that were revealed to us in Portland; the evidence of divine favor was undoubtably abundant. One way that God showed me (Megan) his favor, was through a major perspective change regarding our photography as a couple. 

It is no secret that Delyn is the dominant photographer-- he has years of professional experience and training that strengthen his God given talent. However, this trip was the very first time where Delyn and I sat down to look through our compilation of photos, and there was no clear division of a dominant photographer-- they were just our, cohesive photos. 

You won't see us purposely differentiate or divide our photography too often, we love what we can do together. But for this one blog, I felt like it was necessary to show a comparison for the sake of building trust. I don't ever want to feel like I hide behind my husband's talent, but I also don't want to feel like I need to validate my own. John 3:27 states "A person can receive only what is given to them from heaven".  

Here's a look into our last adventure day in Portland; an incredible styled shoot at Wahclella Falls. This is one of Ashley's favorite spots in the Gorge, and now it is one of ours as well. This is an authentic peek into what it looks like when two friends will hike a mile in gowns and jackets to the freezing mist of a waterfall, and model like champs for photos that were undoubtedly worth the cost.

estimated step count: 9,717


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