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Where the heart is - The Cowgur's Grace + Chaos session

The Cowgur's - Justin, Miranda, and Paisley - have become one of our favorite little families that we've had a chance to get to know and when the opportunity arose to shoot some family photos for them, we knew exactly what we wanted it to be like. They mentioned the idea of a lifestyle shoot and we immediately envisioned them in their home, with their shoes off, playing with Paisley and snuggling on their comfy couch. Miranda's decorating sense mixed with the beautiful window light their home allows made for a perfect session. Of course Christmas time added the magic touch we needed to shoot the perfect in-home lifestyle shoot.


Grace+chaos is our own unique brand of lifestyle photography. For us, it is all about vision and perspective. You see, Delyn used to shy away from certain types of photography, mainly newborn and maternity, but I never wanted to turn down these opportunities. It had nothing to do with losing business. It was because I love babies. And because I KNOW how well he photographs these categories, and I wanted to challenge him to embrace that. Because he’s really phenomenal. But it’s not in the obvious or traditional way. We had to find the method that worked best for us as a couple.

We worked together to find our rhythm, and we came to the realization that our best work is organic. It’s not produced, or manipulated, or copying what works for other people. We realized that there can be multiple markets. Some families LOVE those precious little newborn shoots where their baby is posed and surrounded in props (I think they’re so dang cute!), but other families LOVE the day-in-day-out captures of them holding their baby in the nursery, detail photos of those tiny hands and feet, and mom and dad embracing the chaos that is parenthood.

We’ve done newborn shoots with external lighting and props and posing, and I’ll be’s good. But it’s not the work we’re proudest of, and while it does challenge us, it doesn’t necessarily inspire us. So we’ll leave that awesomeness to the photographers who excel at it because they are passionate about it. And we’ll focus on the area that we excel at because we’re passionate about.

When you see grace+chaos, you see the unique balance of these two aspects of every family. You’ll see moments, emotion, connections, love, authenticity, and with that.... probably a little chaos. Babies cry. Toddlers throw tantrums. Embrace it! Let’s get some authentic and sweet photos of your family... but let’s not wish the chaos away. Instead, let’s hold onto it.